Engaged in supporting public to discover new technologies and the implementation of projects related to digital creation, I provide many workshops and trainings throughout the year. I offer originals formats allowing access educational, creative and playful with contemporary technologies : internet, digital manufacturing as the 3D printer, laser cutting, Arduino, programming, API ... I intervene through various Institutional frameworks (public instituion, social center, art school, business ... )

Some examples of workshops :


  • The Rikiki Suitcase

The Rikiki SuitcaseThe Rikiki Suitcase is a nomadic workshop designed to reach out to the most diverse audience.

This little suitcase contains a number of crazy interactive installations composed of objects that have been transformed or made especially for the occasion. Through playful and offbeat experiences, the Rikiki Suitcase puts data in a box for the pleasure of both the young and the young at heart. []


  • Hype(r)Olds

Evelyn practice "Google Surrealism" very fashionable, ateliers Hype(r)Olds june 2015

Created with the artist Albertine Meunier, Hype(r)olds is the first Internet & multimedia workshop for women aged 77 and above. []


  • LabOTrucs

Learning Electronic welding, LabOtrucs workshops, chateau éphémère, February 2016

Created with Albertine Meunier, LabOtrucs is a sensitization workshop for digital manufacturing through artistic creation for children 8 to 10 years.[]


  • Art Schools

Interactive bubble machine , workshop ENSBA Lyon, January 2014

I conduct digital and interactive projects in the arts schools. [ &]


If you want to know more look my cv or contact me at: mail[at]