Street Views Patchwork
by julien levesque

See artwork online (working progress) here
Original version (messed up since 19 November 2013).

The photos show the passing of time as the images refresh in Street View.

What if the photograph of a landscape could evolve over time, transform little by little, day by day with the changing of the seasons..

Street Views Patchwork offers 12 living photography compositions that evolve over time, in sync with Google's database. Composed during my various trips in Street View, this patchwork of images forms landscapes with multiple geographies and timeframes. Connected to the Internet through a refreshing flow, these images may evolve at any moment, refreshing our vision of the reality of our world.

Street Views Patchwork, projection during the Festival Interstice, Rencontre des inclassables #8, Caen 2013.

Street Views Patchwork, projection during the Update_4 exhibition at IMAL, Brussels, 2012.

2009 - Julien Levesque