Little Umbrella
by julien levesque

A We Love The Net Prodution
Construction, arduino programming: Julien Levesque & Aurélien Fache

little umbrella Paris, Tokyo, New York.
Photo © Quentin Chevrier

Because the weather influences our mood and our everyday behavior. Because we should not underestimate the importance of talking about the weather!

Little Umbrella is a small umbrella connected to the Internet which shows the weather for the next 6 hours. The umbrella opens or closes in a poetic visualization of the weather forecast. This smart object tells you whether or not to wear a raincoat! Illustrated explanation:

Connected to Yahoo's weather API, the little umbrella becomes a physical interface between us and the world of meteorology, opening the way to what we might call poetic design.

First prototype of connected umbrella.

6-second illustration of an idea...

Used Datas: yahoo weather API

Technical documentation >

If you also like to talk about the weather!
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2013 - Julien Levesque