The magic dictation is good but connected is better

Gonflées ces GAFA

A choreography in the air consisting of 4 golden balloons

Têtes à Claques

With this system we generate a new metric unpublished

Radio Data

Radio programs for voice assistants

La Data Dancing Saucisse Party

Think and move like a SAUSAGE it's possible

Data Sonata

What if we could listen to our data?


Between\/Us is a series of abstract landscapes


A hybrid documentary object composed of images/fragments to retrace the journey of this creative year

Logo Disruption

logos bear witness to a historic turning point in the Internet and our relationship to the world

Stone Age

Stone Age is a snapshot of the words that run through the search engine


Circuits is a dreamy triptych with a primary plant motif

La Roue des DataPépettes

Contribute to a handmade artificial intelligence

Bloop Bloop

The smartphone is no ordinary object

Data Bingo

In Data.Bingo, we are the kings of the connection

The Rikiki Suitcase

The Rikiki Suitcase puts data in a box for the pleasure of both the young and the young at heart


Workshops for the creation of "useless objects" with children aged 8 to 10 years

Mentalista Guinguette

In search of the brain wave that makes the sausage levitate

The Little Umbrella [Collector]

A small umbrella connected to the Internet which shows the weather for the next 6 hours


Like bottles thrown into the sea, these messages pass and pass away


What if we were always spacing out? Zénith is a participative work that converts our geolocation into a sensorial, esthetic experience

You're Getting Warm

You're Getting Warm (Tu chauffes) is a living portrait



that's my data there
but that's not your affair
data is GAFA
datum is Kaboom

In The Cloud With Lulu

In The Cloud With Lulu is a hanging mobile of little clouds that oscillate according to my daily physical movements

Little Umbrella

Little Umbrella is a small umbrella connected to the Internet which shows the weather for the next 6 hours

Pegman Vaudou

Each time the word "Pegman" is indexed by Google's search engine, the doll shivers, ringing a small bell around Pegman's neck

Digitized by Google

Digitized by Google is a book composed of images from several works that were digitized and are now available unabridged on Google Books

Books Scapes

Book Scapes is a series of landscapes composed of 100 parts of images excerpted from various books

7th Heaven

7th Heaven is a tangible, esthetic and playful installation. Personalized movable objects move up and down a string according to each person's physical altitude in real time

Basic Buttons

In Basic Buttons, the surface of the minimally painted canvas juxtaposes the form with the symbolic function

The Tortoise and the Hare

When we click the "search" button (without instant search), Google provides several interesting bits of data that tell us about its capacity to retrieve information

The Pegman Coin

The Pegman coin comes in the shape of a little metal man, inspired by the Pegman on Google Street View. Just like Google's Pegman, he is destined to travel around the world

Marker Attack

Marker Attack is an animation on an interactive Google Maps satellite map, which is literally invaded by all kinds of markers, until the surface of the Earth

Filling up the Internet

Filling up the Internet uses a mobile application to pour layers of color on the site's home page in real time

(X) Croisements

Running into someone on the street, in a café, meeting each other by chance

Supra Galerie

Supra Galerie uses Google's image search, which allows you to search from an image instead of a word. Supra Galerie is less interested in artworks as such than in their representations


Hype(r)olds is the first Internet & multimedia workshop for women aged 77 and above. These tea-time meetings are truly convivial, where digital media is used as a tool for creativity, knowledge and multimedia production

De 123456 à Albert

It is relatively easy to guess passwords, as people tend to call upon the most basic ways of committing them to memory

Le Pouce

A little finger which speaks

Free Google Documents

Free Google Documents is a shared document with surrealist tendencies

Hat Projector

The hat projector is portable and made for the city


Revolution is a small Earth globe that wanders around a given space

The Google Smile

The smiley's smile changes according to Google's financial data

Face to Face (the disappeared)

Blurred to protect our identities. Face to Face shows us a machine-washed world

Yellow Road

Yellow Road is a collage of maps that shows a yellow road travelling horizontally across different countries

To dada

A little nod to chronophotography

Most Viewed, all Time...

What do we expect from images? A strange object moves across the screen

Melancholy Paintings

Like moving paintings, Melancholy Paintings are animations that integrate special effects into the image

Dear Facebook

Write directly to Mark (or Facebook) and give them something to chew on

MMS Exquis

Made from exchanged MMS, MMS Exquis forms slightly surreal stories somewhere between intimate fiction and documentary


In counterpoint to this growing hyper-localization, DCODD suggests delocalization

Rock Around the World

Rock Around The World is an online interactive work that uses the infamous Google Maps

Street Views Patchwork

What if the photograph of a landscape could evolve over time, transform little by little, day by day with the changing of the seasons

Facebook Story (my buzz)

Julien Levesque is very selective and doesn't hang out with just anyone

Les Trucs

Les Trucs, objects that are distributed by being passed on from hand to hand according to a predefined protocol

© julien levesque