by Albertine Meunier & Julien Levesque

Gangs of wired seniors

Internet workshops for women aged 77 and above.
A project by the artists Albertine Meunier & Julien Levesque with support from MCD

Photo Benjamin Bocca, Cenquatre (104), Paris, 2012.

Following up on Albertine Meunier's experiment with Internet workshops for women aged 77 and above in Paris (Tea time with Albertine). Hype(r)olds is the first Internet & multimedia workshop for women aged 77 and above. These tea-time meetings are truly convivial, where digital media is used as a tool for creativity, knowledge and multimedia production. It is also a topic of discussion, based on new media themes and terms: these wired ladies will discover « bricodeurs », « hackers », « Anonymous »…, tell the story of the « French Touch », explain Podcasts...

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2011 - Julien Levesque